Trying to Stay Sane in a World Gone Mad

While I’m sure that every generation has that one moment where they think – wow, we’ve really reached a low point here – 2019 really seems to be taking the cake.

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My Emetophobia

I hear the word ‘phobia’ get tossed around quite often. Many people refer to them as if they were little quirks or personality traits, or mistake a fear of heights, clowns, or even a dislike for tiny little holes, as actual phobias.*

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Barcelona Travel Guide: Top Tips & Must-See Attractions

After living there for 5 months and taking my family there for a weekend away this past weekend, I feel as though I can finally sit down and write a guide on how to best enjoy Barcelona.

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How to Use Social Media (Without Going Mad)

Social media has become something of a dilemma in recent years. While it can have an incredibly positive impact, it can also be detrimental. Especially to when it comes to mental health.

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